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Johannes Henn, Bernhard Mistlberger, Vladimir A. Smirnov, Pascal Wasser


We compute all master integrals for massless three-loop four-particle scattering amplitudes required for processes like di-jet or di-photon production at the LHC. We present our result in terms of a Laurent expansion of the integrals in the dimensional regulator up to 8$^{\text{th}}$ power, with coefficients expressed in terms of harmonic polylogarithms. As a basis of master integrals we choose integrals with integrands that only have logarithmic poles - called $d$log forms. This choice greatly facilitates the subsequent computation via the method of differential equations. We detail how this basis is obtained via an improved algorithm originally developed by one of the authors. We provide a public implementation of this algorithm. We explain how the algorithm is naturally applied in the context of unitarity. In addition, we classify our $d$log forms according to their soft and collinear properties.