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Manuel Accettulli Huber, Stefano De Angelis


We present the Standard Model Effective Field Theories (SMEFT) from purely on-shell arguments. Starting from few basics assumptions such as Poincar'e invariance and locality, we classify all the renormalisable and non-renormalisable interactions at lowest order in the couplings. From these building blocks, we review how locality and unitarity enforce Lie algebra structures to appear in the S-matrix elements together with relations among couplings (and hypercharges). Furthermore, we give a fully on-shell algorithm to compute any higher-point tree-level amplitude (or form factor) in generic EFTs, bypassing BCFW-like recursion relations which are known to be problematic when non-renormalisable interactions are involved. Finally, using known amplitudes techniques we compute the mixing matrix of SMEFT marginal interactions up to mass dimension 8, to linear order in the effective interactions.