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Christoph Dlapa, Gregor Kälin, Zhengwen Liu, Rafael A. Porto


We present the contribution from potential interactions to the dynamics of non-spinning binaries to fourth Post-Minkowskian (4PM) order. This is achieved by computing the scattering angle to ${\cal O}(G^4)$ using the effective field theory approach and deriving the bound radial action through analytic continuation. We reconstruct the Hamiltonian and center-of-mass momentum in an isotropic gauge. The (three-loop) integrals involved in our calculation are computed via differential equations, including a sector yielding elliptic integrals. As a prelude of radiation-reaction effects, using the universal link between potential and tail terms, we also report: 1) The instantaneous energy flux at ${\cal O}(G^3)$; 2) The contribution to the 4PM unbound/bound radial action(s) depending on logarithms of the binding energy; 3) The (scheme-independent) logarithmic contribution to the 4PM non-local tail Hamiltonian for circular orbits. Our results in the potential region are in agreement with the recent derivation from scattering amplitudes. We also find perfect agreement in the overlap with the state-of-the-art in Post-Newtonian theory.