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Niklas Henke, Georgios Papathanasiou


We further exploit the relation between tropical Grassmannians and $\operatorname{Gr}(4,n)$ cluster algebras in order to make and refine predictions for the singularities of scattering amplitudes in $\mathcal{N}=4$ planar super Yang-Mills theory at higher multiplicity $n\ge 8$. As a mathematical foundation that provides access to square-root symbol letters in principle for any $n$, we analyse infinite mutation sequences in cluster algebras with general coefficients. First specialising our analysis to the eight-particle amplitude, and comparing it with a recent, closely related approach based on scattering diagrams, we find that the only additional letters the latter provides are the two square roots associated to the four-mass box. In combination with a tropical rule for selecting a finite subset of variables of the infinite $\operatorname{Gr}(4,9)$ cluster algebra, we then apply our results to obtain a collection of $3,078$ rational and $2,349$ square-root letters expected to appear in the nine-particle amplitude. In particular these contain the alphabet found in an explicit 2-loop NMHV symbol calculation at this multiplicity.