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John Joseph M. Carrasco, Laurentiu Rodina, Suna Zekioglu


Color-kinematics duality in the adjoint has proven key to the relationship between gauge and gravity theory scattering amplitude predictions. In recent work, we demonstrated that at four-point tree-level, a small number of color-dual EFT building blocks could encode all higher-derivative single-trace massless corrections to gauge and gravity theories compatible with adjoint double-copy. One critical aspect was the trivialization of building higher-derivative color-weights – indeed, it is the mixing of kinematics with non-adjoint-type color-weights (like the permutation-invariant d^4) which permits description via adjoint double-copy. Here we find that such ideas clarify the predictions of local five-point higher-dimensional operators as well. We demonstrate how a single scalar building block can be combined with color structures to build higher-derivative color factors that generate, through double copy, the predictions of higher-derivative gauge-theory operators. These may then be suitably mapped, through another double-copy, to higher-derivative corrections in gravity.