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Donato Bini, Thibault Damour, Andrea Geralico, Stefano Laporta, Pierpaolo Mastrolia


A recently introduced approach to the classical gravitational dynamics of binary systems involves intricate integrals (linked to a combination of nonlocal-in-time interactions with iterated $\frac1r$-potential scattering) which have so far resisted attempts at their analytical evaluation. By using computing techniques developed for the evaluation of multi-loop Feynman integrals (notably Harmonic Polylogarithms and Mellin transform) we show how to analytically compute all the integrals entering the nonlocal-in-time contribution to the classical scattering angle at the sixth post-Newtonian accuracy, and at the seventh order in Newton’s constant, $G$ (corresponding to six-loop graphs in the diagrammatic representation of the classical scattering angle).