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John Joseph M. Carrasco, Laurentiu Rodina, Zanpeng Yin, Suna Zekioglu


Invoking increasingly higher dimension operators to encode novel UV physics in effective gauge and gravity theories traditionally means working with increasingly more finicky and difficult expressions. We demonstrate that local higher derivative supersymmetric-compatible operators at four-points can be absorbed into simpler higher-derivative corrections to scalar theories, which generate the predictions of Yang-Mills and Gravity operators by suitable replacements of color-weights with color-dual kinematic weights as per Bern-Carrasco-Johansson double-copy. We exploit that Jacobi-satisfying representations can be composed out of other Jacobi-satisfying representations, and show that at four-points only a small number of building blocks are required to generate the predictions of higher-derivative operators. We find that this construction saturates the higher-derivative operators contributing to the four-point supersymmetric open and closed-string tree amplitudes, presenting a novel representation of the four-point supersymmetric open string making this structure manifest, as well as identifying the only four additional gauge-invariant building blocks required to saturate the four-point bosonic open string.