Paper and ancilary files.


Jacob L. Bourjaily, Andrew J. McLeod, Cristian Vergu, Matthias Volk, Matt von Hippel, Matthias Wilhelm


It has recently been demonstrated that Feynman integrals relevant to a wide range of perturbative quantum field theories involve periods of Calabi-Yaus of arbitrarily large dimension. While the number of Calabi-Yau manifolds of dimension three or higher is considerable (if not infinite), those relevant to most known examples come from a very simple class: degree-$2k$ hypersurfaces in $k$-dimensional weighted projective space $\mathbb{WP}^{1,\ldots,1,k}$. In this work, we describe some of the basic properties of these spaces and identify additional examples of Feynman integrals that give rise to hypersurfaces of this type. Details of these examples at three and four loops are included as ancillary files to this work.