Paper and ancilary files.


Alexander Ochirov


We compute the next-to-maximally-helicity-violating one-loop n-gluon amplitudes in N=1 super-Yang-Mills theory. These amplitudes contain three negative-helicity gluons and an arbitrary number of positive-helicity gluons, and constitute the first infinite series of amplitudes beyond the simplest, MHV, amplitudes. We assemble ingredients from the N=4 NMHV tree super-amplitude into previously unwritten double cuts and use the spinor integration technique to calculate all bubble coefficients. We also derive the missing box coefficients from quadruple cuts. Together with the known formula for three-mass triangles, this completes the set of NMHV one-loop master integral coefficients in N=1 SYM. To facilitate further use of our results, we provide their Mathematica implementation.