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John Joseph M. Carrasco, Renata Kallosh


We provide evidence that a particular hidden supersymmetry, when combined with half-maximal deformed global supersymmetry, implies that the theory is invariant under duality rotations of the vector and spinor fields. Based on a complete 8+8 supersymmetric model constructed recently, we argue that this hidden supersymmetry happens if and only if there is a Born-Infeld dependence on the Maxwell field strength and a Volkov-Akulov dependence on the Goldstino, up to local non-linear field redefinitions. We have tested our proposal for the N=2 superfield action with manifest N=2 supersymmetry and hidden N=2 supersymmetry at the level W^{10}, the highest level of deformation known for this model. We have established that it is N=2 self-dual, although the self-duality was not required in the original construction of this model. Highlighting the utility of considering duality-conserving sources of deformation, we can verify this invariance directly in an alternate construction of this very same action.