Invariance is as invariance does.

This is an experiment in an open-community resource-linking. As currently conceived it’s aiming to connect amplitude results in machine-readable form (integrated and integrand), software, and lecture materials relevant to the scattering amplitudes community.

Also find a repository of recent amplitudes related PhD theses.

Have something you want to share?

  • First contact an admin of the repository just to check if it’s in line with current site goals. If all you want to do is link to an arxiv paper that has appropriate ancilary files feel free to just email the admin with the arxiv number and optionally a potential list of tags.
  • Alternatively, if you want to roll up your sleeves, submit a pull request adding appropriately labeled and tagged posts to the github repository hosted: here. Here’s one tutorial on submitting pull requests. Almost all content here will be suitably tagged _posts written in markdown.

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